These are some of my works, study works and doodles

wtorek, 8 kwietnia 2014

Fabric study to be continued!

Today I had spent on it a little more time, but at least I know that I have a big problem with nature (trees, bushes, etc). Drapery and light on the grass with references, the rest of the imagination. I hope that next time it come out better!

poniedziałek, 7 kwietnia 2014

Funnytime with fabric

I don't know if im getting this right but this time I was inspired by Shaddy Safadi. Im going to achieve something like that. Maybe someday succeed.


My first armor study

This exercise has been done in Alchemia in Cracov, I recommend drawing in a good cafes! <3 no cats to stroking, no distractions around, you have anything you want to eat under your nose and don't want to sleep because you don't look at the bed that is next to you.... It was hard! I definitely need more practice . Drawing course with references (a pity that I have no real armor in the house>. <), Head, hair, background done according to my own tastes.